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Today we are entangled in the cobwebs of modernization swifting amidst the hide and seek of tumultuous time; never bothered to care for oneself. Overbusyness has poisoned the juice of life.. At this crucial scenario we are duty bound to take up this endeavor of an authentic ayurvedic heritage to help mankind-detoxify, cure, rejuvenate, sustain healthy wellbeing and spiritual bliss ...

Ayurveda uniquely conglomerates Daiva vyapasraya chikitsa (invoking the grace of god),Yukti vyapasraya chikitsa (intelligent use of drugs), Satva avajaya chikitsa (controlling the mind) concepts for the ultimate healing of an individual.

Focusing this core fact we have delicately designed every detail of Illom Ayur Heritage... Nurtured in a scientific, holistic and spiritual aura conferred by the architectural delicacy of a traditional 'naalukettu', a 'kaavu' much more than a religious symbolism; endowed with variety of medicinal plants, the Ayurveda heritage, a tranquil yoga & meditation hall with an underground meditation room, uniquely designed Homatherapy, the creative & vibrant energy of mantras and alliedly a centre for emotional well being ...

Situated in a scenic and serene milieu, Pallipattu Illom is one of the few existing architectural wonders constructed in the traditional Kerala panache.  Adorned with medicinal trees and shrubs, the illom is indeed an amalgamation of beauty and purity.

Sri Chalinarayanapuram temple consecrated to lord Shiva and lord Vishnu, stands in a conspicuous spot on the western shore of the phenomenal vembanad lake. It is in its close proximity at the northern gate that the ancient and traditional Brahmin homestead- Pallipattu Illom, is situated. This classic structure built in the traditional architectural style of Kerala and temple nearby can be reckoned with as the most significant landmarks of the area.

This is nothing casual about the construction of this structure and the sacred ponds and the sacred serpent grove. They were all made in strict conformity with a traditional style of kerala architecture. The walls of the house are made of timber having medicinal qualities. Provision for air circulation and humidity is so scientifically incorporated, so that the dwellers will never feel like staying in a musty environment. The doors, miniature doors, windows and the opening in the roof of the central courtyard and the attics (thattumpuram) serve a lot in maintaining the healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the interior.