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A complete health package for couples to have a healthy progeny.


Su Dhriti

Autism Speciality.



Ayurvedic post delivery care & Newborn baby care.


Leech therapy

Traditional method of curing diseases by removing impure blood.

Welcome to Illom Ayurveda

Illom - A Serene abode of holistic healing.The authentic and traditional Ayurveda treatment centre in kerala which gives personal-homely care to patients since many generations. Illom means the traditional homestead of Kerala Brahmins. Pallipattu illom is a Moosath family home situated in Kerala having tradition of more than 700years..They are the followers of renowned scholars in Ayurveda like Triprangode Parameshwaran Moosath (The first Vaidyarathnam awardee ). Thirunavaya Sankaran Moosath , Vaikom Pachu Moosath etc. Moosath family is well known for their divine hands for healing.

"Ayurveda uniquely conglomerates Daiva vyapasraya chikitsa (invoking the grace of god),Yukti vyapasraya chikitsa (intelligent use of drugs),
Satva avajaya chikitsa (controlling the mind) concepts for the ultimate healing of an individual."

Focusing this core fact we have delicately designed every detail of Illom Ayur Heritage... Nurtured in a scientific, holistic and spiritual aura conferred by the architectural delicacy of a traditional 'naalukettu', a 'kaavu' much more than a religious symbolism

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