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Supraja – The healthy generation

We believe the concept of good progeny starts right from the thought to have a child. We give guidelines for pre conceptional care, ante- natal and post natal care.

With the ambition to create a healthy child it requires the health and well being of its parents. This involves traditional health practices beginning from marriage. Supraja is such an initiative by IAH, which is a complete health package for couples including medicine and advice starting before conception and continues till the child achieves its milestones successfully.

To attain a healthy child we need

  • Sukra Sampath - The Sukra dhatu (semen content) should be healthy.
  • Arthava Sampath - The menstrual cycle of the mother should be regular.
  • Atma Sampath - The atma should carry good qualities by doing good things.
  • Ashaya Sampath - The womb should be healthy without any implications of infertility.
  • Kala Sampath - The conception should happen in proper auspicious time when both the partners are physically and mentally prepared.


Ayurvedic post delivery care & Newborn baby care

Illom prasoothimitra, post natal care collaborates traditional ayurvedic oil massages,herbal water bath, tummy bandage, child care etc that restores and revitalizes mother after delivery. Under the expert guidance of soothikasree(female medical practitioners), prasoothimitra (post natal care) department provides motherly care for mother and baby.

After normal delivery our treatment can initiate after 7th day, and for caesarean, treatment begins according expert advice. The treatment is formulated in special way which ensures the revitalization of energy and prevention from future health complications for both mother and child. After delivery treatment ensures vitality of mothers after delivery using traditional therapies and practices. Illom is equipped with experienced ayurveda therapists and ayurveda medical practitioners to take care of your dear ones.

Benefits of Prasoothimitra

  • Rejuvenates and relaxes mother
  • Traditional oil massage for mom and baby
  • Relieves tension and depression
  • Herbal water bath
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Tighten loose stomach muscles
  • Treatments for preventing hairfall
  • Keeps figure and vigour of mother
  • Ayurvedic postnatal medicines
  • Removes postnatal back and join pain
  • Prevents wear and tear of bones

Room Speciality

  • Hygienic interiors
  • Special care for newborns
  • 24 hours medical assistance
  • Guidance of female medical practitioners
  • Serene eco friendly atmosphere
  • 100% Security& Privacy
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Organic food and regimen
  • Illom Prasoothimithra postnatal Kit
  • A/C and Non A/C room facility

Special care

  • Special care from a traditional ayurvedic family
  • Special traditional food for maintaining good health of ladies after pregency and new born baby
  • Specially designed ayurvedic treatments for maintaining good health of ladies after pregency and new born baby

Jaloukaavacharanam - Leech Therapy

Rakthamokshana (Blood letting) is one among panchakarma in Ayurveda. In that if done by using medicated leeches it is called Jaloukaavacharanam or Leech Therapy. Leeches mainly sucks the impure blood in the body so that this technique can be used in almost all blood related complaints. It is widely used right from pimples to even arthritis. According to the severity and seriousness of the disease the therapy should be done twice or thrice or more sittings. Leech therapy will help to let impure blood much faster than taking long term internal medication.

As this process will not cause any harm, or difficulty or pain to the person it can be done even to children, old age, very tendered people, ladies etc.

  • Skin problems - Psoriasis, Eczema, Itching
  • Vericose Vein
  • Increased uric acid level - Gouty arthritis
  • Joint pain, Arthritis
  • Heart related complaints
  • Pimples over face
  • Diabetes & Diabetic Ulcers
  • Alopaecia
  • Migraine
  • High blood pressure


Reduce by inches,not merely weight reduction

Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat in the body. It is a condition where the natural energy reserve stored in the fatty tissue increases to a point where it is associated with certain health conditions or increased mortality.


Excessive body fat is accumulated on the belly, buttocks, breasts and thighs. This may lead to diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. mainly due to absence of physical activity. Other causes may be sleeping during the day, intake of Kapha - increasing foods (heavy, sweet, cooling and unctuous food in excess). Over intake of food. Heredity and Pathology are rare causes


Body is made of 7- Dhatus {Rasa (Lymph), Rakta(Blood), Maams (Muscle), Meda( Fat), Asthi (Bones), Majja (Nervous System) Shukra (Reproductive System)}. But in Obese fellow Meda is excessively nourished and remaining other Dhatus get malnourished. Kapha gets accumulated in between. Roll of medicines with dietary correction is to remove obstructed Kapha and let all Dhatus nourish equally. When Kapha increases in abnormal fashion, Fat metabolism gets hampered and person be comes Obese.

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