"Diagonisation, step by step method of treatments and evaluation are good"


"Daily visits everyday morning and evening are helpful to discuss the updates if any."


"Authentic, transparent and ready to go an extra mile to treat and cure."


"There was effective communication and confidence from the part of Dr. Sankar and other doctors. The environment was completely relaxed.There was good communication from the Administration department."


"I was very pleased with my exprience at Illom Ayurveda. Doctors are very professional and takes time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice."

R.R Geethalakshmi


"Nice experience. Visited such an interesting place for the first time. Doctor's advice/prescription will be very helpful for me. I am thankful for him."

Neetha Dilraj


"Very nice ambience and thought. It can attract and will be useful to the set of people who wants a change from the present life style and who want to go back to the Mother Nature. Living in harmony with the habit will provide one with peace, happiness and health."

Narayan Subraya Hegde


"We were very lucky to see such a wonderful place which is very natural, clean, green and healthy. We strongly feel that a couple of week stay in this place will give good health and peace of mind."



"Very nice atmosphere. Well experienced staff. Would like to undergo next year also. Thank you team Illom"


Merchant Navy

"I was 98 kg before i consulted Dr. Sankar Prasanth. He suggested 21 days of treatment. After inpatient treatment i became 91kg. Moreover i reduced by inches much. I was taking medicine after discharge also. Now i am 83kg. Next year also i would like to do a course of treatment."



"Very genuine treatments with a personal care. Homely atmosphere with strict diet and regimen gave me much relief for my back pain which i was suffering from more than 10 years."