1. Abhyangam

Abhyangam is one among the poorvakarmas of panchakarma. It implies massage of whole body or affected parts with medicated oil.

Benefits: Effective in joint pains, stiffness, rejuvenates & reduce stress & strain. Improves eyesight, blood circulation & sound sleep.

2. Udwarthanam

Udwartanam is the process of massage of body with choornas. External application of medicated powder or paste on the body with affordable pressure. Massage done in retrograde direction. Equated as therapeutic passive exercise.

Benefits: Cleanses the body, Increases circulation, Brightness, Expansion and dialatation of the vessels. Influences general metabolism. It is indicated in arthritic problems, obesity.

3. Kizhi (pinda Sweda)

Kizhi or pinda sweda is a form of treatment introduced by the vaidyas of Kerala. Here medicated bolus are made using different form of medicaments tied in cotton cloth and are applied to affected parts. They are of different types like

Patra Potala Sweda (ela Kizhi)

Sudation performed by specially prepared bundle of medicinal leaves.Here heat, pressure and oil are applied simultaneously.

Benefits: Stimulate neuro muscular system and nourishes it, act as pain reliever. Beneficial for severe pain of arthritis, bone degenerative diseases, muscle sprain.

Churna Pinda Sweda (podi Kizhi)

It is done with boluses of various powdered medicines.

Benefits: It stimulates the burning process of excess fat in the body. It can redistribute deposited fat in subcutaneous fascia. It can stimulate muscles and nerve endings thereby relieve the pain.

Shashtika Pinda Sweda (njavara Kizhi)

Special method of administration of Njavara type of rice cooked in milk and medicinal decoction and tied as boluses in special cloth.

Benefits: It improves the general circulation and thus nourishes the tissue. Gives all the benefits of abhyanga and sudation. Highly beneficial for weak muscle by increasing the tone and strength of muscle. Helps to remove accumulated waste products in the tissues thereby increasing immunity. Effective in curing diseases of nervous system and those caused by impure blood. Slows down aging , premature greying of hair, baldness, appearance of wringles over the body etc. improves body complexion.

Manjal Kizhi

A special combination of medicines made in to boluses, given massage with that.

Benefits: Disc prolapse, traumatic injury, etc.

MUTTA KIZHI -with egg


VALUKA SWEDA - with sand…

DHANYA KIZHI - bolus is made using cereals, horse gram, black gram.

4. Dhara

Dhara is the process of pouring medicated oil or hot decoction over the body. It is useful in rheumatoid arthritis, pain and inflammation. They are of different types like

KASHAYA DHARA - using hot decoction

DHANYAMLA DHARA - with a decoction prepared using cereals and sour fruits.

Siro Dhara

Medicated oils, milk or buttermilk are poured on the forehead in a continuous stream.

Benefits: It is effective in stress, sleeplessness, chronic head aches, tension head ache, neurological conditions & for rejuvenation, Psychosomatic conditions , Psoriasis and other skin diseases, Post menopausal syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, Depression, Dandruff.

TAKRA DHARA – with buttermilk   |   THAILA DHARA – with medicated oils

5. Sneha Panam

Snehapana is a form of internal oleation. It is the method of prescribing medicated ghee under strict dietary control with increasing doses each day according to the digestive power of the patient.

Benefits: Increases the transportation of ingredients to the target organ inside the cell, Lipophilic action.
Helps in the increase of doshas liquefying them and directing them towards the stomach and thereby helps in eliminating them.

6. Swedanam

Swedanam is one among the poorvakarmas of Ayurveda. It is steam bath after application of medicated oil.

Benefits: Through promoting perspiration, it eliminates metabolic wastes. Promotes peripheral circulation. Nourishes the tissues better. Maintains proper tension of muscles and tendons. Promotes functional ability of nerves, improves joint mobility etc.

7. Vamanam

Expulsion of aggravated doshas from the body through the mouth following administration of medicines.One of the main Panchakarma procedures. Helps in detoxifying and cleansing the body. Also done as pre operative procedure for many treatments.

Benefits: Bronchial asthma, Psoriasis,Eczema, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Drug addition, Epilepsy,Depression, Psoriatic arthropathy, Recurrent respiratory tract infections, hypothyroidism, Allergic conditions etc.

8. Virechana

Type of Panchakarma procedure in which increased doshas are expelled through anus by administration of medicines through mouth.Medicines are used in different forms like powder, decoction, oil, ghee etc, depending on the condition of the patient.

Benefits: Leucoderma, Eczema,Ascitis(pot belly), Obstructive jaundice, Low back ache, Rheumatoid arthritis,Allergic conditions, Toxic conditions, Metabolic diseases,Helps in detoxification, Correction of hormonal abnormalities, Gradual enhancement of metabolic power, Correct circulatory problems.

Unique procedure that eliminates endotoxins formed in liver.

9. Vasthi

Vasthi is one among pancha karma and is the method of administering herbal enema through the rectum. It is the most effective therapy in vathic ailments.

Sneha Vasthi

Medicated oil or ghee introduced through the anus or vagina with the use of vasti yantra the most superior therapeutic procedure in Ayurveda. Best detoxifying therapy for increased dosha.

Benefits: Has multidimensional action and is very effective in life style diseases,neuromuscular diseases, Stress and strain of contemporary life and computer related health problems. Helps in purification, Pacification, Rejuvenation, Chronic constipation.

Kashaya Vasthi

Type of elimination therapy performed in empty stomach, but not hungry. Usually done in combination with snehavasti to prevent complications. Complete rest after procedure is necessary.

Benefits: Neurological diseases, Musculo-skeletal diseases, G.I.tract pathologies,Immune system diseases, Genitor-Urinary tract diseases etc. Lumbar IVDP-sequalate, lumbar canal stenosis,spondylolisthesis/low backache of varied etiology, infertility,rheumatoid syndrome, Ulcerative colitis and I.B.S, Chronic rhininitis and headaches,peripheral vascular diseases, Peripheral neuropathy etc.

10. Nasyam

Nasyam is one among the panchakarma. It is the method of administering medicine through the nostrils. It is very effective in all diseases of head,fascial paralysis,cervical spondylosis.

Benefits: Highly effective for sinusitis, Head ache, Migtaine, Paralysis, Mental disorders etc.

11. Raktha Moksha

Rakthamoksha is the blood letting therapy. Various methods are used for the elimination of vitiated blood like

Sira Vyadha - Venesection

Jaloukavacharanam - Leech Therapy

Rakthamokshana using medicated leeches is called Jaloukavacharanam or Leech Therapy. Leeches mainly sucks the impure blood in the body so that this unique technique can be used in almost all blood related complaints. It is widely used right from pimples to even arthritis. According to the severity and seriousness of the disease the therapy should be done twice or thrice or more sittings. Leech Therapy will help to let impure blood much faster than taking long term internal medication.

As this process will not cause any harm or difficulty or pain to the person it can be done even to children, old age, very tendered people, ladies, etc.

Jaloukavacharanam is advisable to :

  • Skin problems Psoriasis, Eczema, Itching
  • Varicose Vein
  • Increased Uric acid levels Gouty arthritis
  • Joint pain, Arthritis
  • Heart related complaints
  • Pimples
  • Diabetes and Diabetic Ulcers
  • Alopecia
  • Migraine
  • High Blood Pressure

Prachana - Scraping

12. Siro Vasthi

Sirovasthi is the method in which a leather cap is fitted on the head of the patient and medicated oil is poured over the head and is made to stand for a period of is useful in diseases of head,psychological disorders.

Greeva Vasthi

Greeva vasthi is the treatment in which a circular receptacle made of blackgram dough is fixed on the neck of the patient and medicated oil is poured into it and made to stand for a period of 30-45min

Janu Vasthi

In janu vasthi a circular receptacle made of blackgram dough is fixed on the knee joint of the patient and medicated oil is poured into it and made to stand for a period of 30-45min

Kati Vasthi

A circular receptacle made of blackgram dough is fixed on the lower back of the patient and medicated oil is poured into it and made to stand for a period of 30-45min.

13. Karnapooranam

Karnapooranam is pouring of lukewarm medicated oil into the ears. It is found to be very effective in ear disorders.

14. Thalapothichil

Thalapothichil is application of wet medicated paste over the head and covering with plantain leaf. It is usually done in psychosomatic disorders, insomnia.

Benefits: Reduces Anxiety, Mania/other psychological diseases, effective for hypertension,head ache of various origin, Sleeplessness, Premature graying of hair, Diabetic retino pathy, Retinal bleeding.

Best result in paediatric diseases(eg:ADHD).

15. Pizhichil

Pizhichil is a very effective form of treatment unique to vaidyas of Kerala. Cotton cloths are dipped in warm medicated oil and is poured continuously over the body for 45-60min.

Benefits: It is mostly used in rheumatic complaints. Effective in arthritis, Paralysis, Nervous disorders, Sexual weakness etc.

16. Upanaham

Upanaham is local application of medicated paste mixed with buttermilk and covering it with medicated leaves.It relieves pain and inflammation.

17. Lepanam

Lepanam is local application of medicated paste over affected relieves pain,inflammation and also useful in increasing the tone of skin, in acne.

18. Avagaham

In avagaham a tub is filled with lukewarm medicated decoction and patient is made to sit in it for 45-60min.Effective form of treatment in uterine disorders,anorectal disorders…

19. Pichu

Pichu is the method of application of cotton dipped in medicated oil on the affected area.

20. Tarpanam

Tarpanam is the form of treatment in which medicated oil or ghee is retained around the eyes within a border made of blackgram is an effective treatment for glaucoma and various eye diseases.

21. Gandoosham

Gandoosham is gargling with medicated decoction.

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